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  • Trainees, NQTs and partner school leaders consistently provide extremely positive feedback regarding the responsiveness, support and personal approach of KNSPS.
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • It was an absolute pleasure delivering the course to the students, they were so lovely and engaged.
    External speaker September 2016
  • "I am truly loving every day of this experience! The challenge, the creativity, the reward. I am growing in confidence both professionally and personally; I swear I walk a foot higher these days! Thank you for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. The support and encouragement you and the team offer is invaluable, you're all amazing."
    AT 16-17
  • "An amazing achievement - we're very proud to say that we are linked with the KNSPS."
    A Headteacher from a partnership school
    regarding Ofsted Report 2017
  • "I just thought you would like to know that …I was inspected (Ofsted)! I just had my feedback and it was so positive, She also said that she couldn’t believe I was still an AT 🙂 I am so thrilled!"
    AT 14-15
  • Thank you again for bringing you wonderful and enthusiastic AT's to visit us on the farm.
    Feedback on the Farm Visit September 2017
  • I just wanted to say how useful and enjoyable the letter writing, interview lesson and mock interview and feedback have been this week!! So many ATs have said the same so I feel you need to be complimented on how well everything has been organised for us!!(even though it has been daunting!)
    AT 15-16
  • "It is our pleasure to be a part of the partnership!"
    Principal from a partnership school
  • "The partnership’s strapline is ‘rooted in evidence, reaching for excellence’. Leaders ensure that it does exactly that, by leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that trainees receive the high-quality training, support and challenge they require to be successful teachers."
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the back to school day and it cemented the fact that I want to be a teacher and that I wanted to do the course at Keele.
    Back to School Day Attendee December 2016
  • The day gave a really good insight into how the course is actually broken down. There seemed to be lots of extra help, for example supported classes if you are struggling in certain areas, and continued support after graduation. The lecturers all seemed like they wanted you to succeed, and put in the extra to help you achieve. One of my main concerns about taking the leap into a career I'm actually excited about, is the fear of not being able to find a job following the course. The head teacher at the school we attended showed great pride in Keele's teaching methods. She had mentioned that student teachers from Keele seem to be a cut above other teaching students in the area.
    Back to School Day Attendee December 2016
  • "Just to say …. what a fantastic group of students we have got in school …. so vibrant and enthusiastic."
    Executive Principal, Partnership School
  • Today was brilliant thank you. It was a real insight in to how the SCITT lessons are taught and the experience of primary school teaching. After speaking to one of the current students today I heard this is a new idea. I would most definitely recommend this day to anybody considering the course."
    Back to School Day Atendee February 2017
  • "The pursuit of excellence is clear and supported effectively by all those who work closely with the partnership"
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • I really enjoyed the back to school day and it was good to see both the academic and practical sides of the course.
    Back to School Day Attendee December 2016
  • Strong collaboration between all members of the partnership produces highly employable, reflective teachers.
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • "It was a pleasure (to work with the KNSPS Associate Teachers). What a lovely group. The skills and dialogue they demonstrated indicated the quality of the programme put together to support them."
    External Speaker
  • High-quality training and placements support trainees‟ progress effectively during an intense course.
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • "Very high completion, employment and success rates are features of the outstanding outcomes achieved for trainees."
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • Training is high quality, research driven and underpinned by strong academic and pastoral support.
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • Outcomes for trainees in the first two years of the KNSPS partnership have been outstanding
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • Inspection evidence shows that NQTs are confident, skilled at creating high-quality learning environments and demonstrate a secure knowledge of how to adapt teaching to meet the varying needs of learners, including those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities.
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • Senior leaders and induction tutors in employing schools say that KNSPS‟s NQTs are exceptionally well prepared for their teaching posts.
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • "The course programme is well designed, intellectually rigorous and readily adapted to meet trainees' needs. "
    Ofsted Report 2017
  • This broad, inspirational training enables the partnership to consistently produce well-rounded, highly employable teachers.
    Ofstd Report 2017
  • "Another lovely enthusiastic group. ….teaching has a bright future…"
    SCITT Tutor