Personal Tutor, Early Years Specialism Tutor

Sally’s career in primary education includes many years as a teacher in Infant, First and Primary Schools. In her educational roles within school, she has until recently, been a serving Head teacher at a first school, Deputy Head teacher, Senior Leader, Assistant Consultant for literacy, supported School Improvement, subject leader for English, mathematics, science, PE, RE and art.

As a head teacher, her primary focus was improving learning and teaching through professional development, leading by example and supporting teachers as they develop and embed new skills. This role included supporting a number of NQTs within school on their journey to being the best possible teacher.

Sally is particularly focussed on developing effective and supportive environments where children and teachers are motivated and engaged to learn. She is very interested in how children learn and think critically when supported by adults in active learning situations when working collaboratively. Her school has just published a booklet which supports children’s learning using the language of learning in a child friendly format. In essence helping children learn how to learn.

Sally completed her Masters in Early Years Education 3-7 because she believes that getting the foundations of learning right underpins the potential of all children.