Research Highlights

The KNSPS aims to build and develop a community of teachers who work together collaboratively, critically, creatively and carefully to understand and improve the positive impact that they have on pupil progress and achievement.

Our Ofsted report (January 2017) recognises the ‘intellectually rigorous’ nature of the programmes that we offer. We are ‘research driven’ and our ‘clear pursuit of excellence in partnership with teaching school alliances, local authorities, Keele University and schools’ was also celebrated. Our partnership’s strapline is ‘rooted in evidence, reaching for excellence and our report recognises that we leave ‘no stone unturned’   through our ‘relentless determination’ and ‘unerring moral purpose’ to enable high quality teaching.

Our core belief is that robust and reliable evidence is a fundamental component of high quality teaching and learning. Enabling groups of colleagues from across a range of schools and settings to co-develop meaningful, coherent and justified programmes that reduce learners’ vulnerabilities and ameliorate barriers to social mobility.

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Chartered College of Teaching

Our Director, Diane Swift is an advocate for the Chartered College of Teaching and we are delighted that members will benefit from access to over 2,000 full text journals, ebooks, research and materials covering a broad range of education issues and subject-specific topics.

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Evidence Informed Practice

We value Professor Coe’s presentation to the Charted College. His powerpoint presentation ‘A vision of enhanced professionalism’ shares his views in relation to professional evidence, professional development and professional values.

He highlights the importance of teachers reading. An activity that we would encourage and support too.  If you have not already seen it, please can we recommend Professor Coe’s blog ‘What is worth reading for teachers interested in research.  His highlights include:


 The Sutton Trust Report on What Makes Great Teaching

Principles of Instruction: Research based strategies that all teachers should know

The Science of Learning

Developing Great Teaching


Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)

The EEF is an independent grant-making charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement, ensuring that children and young people from all backgrounds can fulfil their potential and make the most of their talents. They fund rigorous evaluations of innovative projects aiming to raise pupils' attainment. They do this to find out what's most likely to work effectively and cost-effectively, and to put that into action across the country.

We are currently supporting schools in registering their interest in two EEF Projects. These are:

We regularly encourage and support schools to make effective use of the EEF Toolkit . An accessible research summary in relation to teaching 5-16 year olds

And the Early Years Toolkit

We also value the DIY evaluation Guide

Maths ATs

Keele University

The Children, Families and Society Research Group brings together academics and research students conducting policy relevant research into the lives of children, young people and families.

Keele Hall host our Senior Leader Research Breakfasts our current focus for these is dialogic teaching.

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Dialogic Teaching

Dialogic teaching harnesses the power of talk to help the teacher more precisely to diagnose students’ needs, frame their learning tasks and assess their progress. Dialogic teaching is not just any talk.  We have been using the work of:

Robin Alexander

Neil Mercer

Rupert Wegerif

Neil Phillipson

Philosophy for Children 

Voice 21

We take a disciplined approach to curriculum thinking and planning and so encourage membership of subject associations.

Would you enjoy benefiting from being more research active?

Then email us to join either our Senior leader Research Breakfasts or our Breakfast forum discussions. You may also be interested in our Reflecting on Practice Module or you might like to get involved in some of our development work. Currently we have a project focusing on primary pedagogy and SEND and another on the development of the Teacher Educator role.

Alternatively if you have a research project that you would like to develop, contact us and we will see how we can support you.