QA Education: "Remote learning ‘Zooms’ to success"

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We were featured in QA Education this week about the effectiveness of our online courses and teaching.

As the lockdown continues, education providers are adapting their teaching styles to ensure the continuity of learning.

Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education (KNSTE) are utilising video remote learning to enable lessons to continue and further develop trainee’s knowledge.

Director of KNSTE, Di Swift, explained: “In these unprecedented times we are taking new approaches to our teaching and utilising technology to enable remote classrooms to continue.

“It is vital that our trainees are as well prepared as they can be, so that they can play their part in utilising the power of education to positively transform lives.”

Thinking Moves

KNSTE have teamed up with Dialogue Works, utilising video conferencing to introduce their cohort of trainees to a metacognitive framework, based on an A-Z of ‘Thinking Moves’. This approach has helped trainees to develop their subject knowledge and lesson planning in a highly focused way.

‘Thinking Moves’ is based on Philosophy for Children, with the aim of enhancing communication and thinking skills, as well as accelerating personal, social and intellectual development.

Mrs Swift continued: “We are delighted to be working with Dialogue Works to continue broadening our trainee’s knowledge through a range of interactive resources.

“Metacognition capabilities plays an important role in maximizing learning – for both our trainees and their future students – and, given the current social restrictions, we are delighted to be able to continue to develop our trainee’s pedagogical understanding.”

The collaboration launched to great success, with course leaders and trainees alike praising the online sessions. Following the positive feedback received, KNSTE are now exploring other online learning pathways to ensure their trainees learning experience is not disrupted.

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