Primary School Children Call For More ‘Marvellous’ Teachers

Primary school’s campaign to identify the recipe for a ‘marvellous teacher’ and attract more people into teaching was launched on 7th July.index

To encourage more people to get into teaching at primary schools, children at Seabridge Primary School, undertook a project to unearth the qualities they believe teachers need.

Nick Gibb, MP said, "Teachers transform the lives of young people. Over 1.45million more children are in good or outstanding schools since 2010, which is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Seabridge Primary Schools’ marvellous video offers an excellent insight into what primary school aged children want from classroom teachers and shows real innovation and imagination."

Inspired by the hit film Marvellous, which chronicles former local Stoke City kitman Neil ‘Nello’ Baldwin’s story and positive attitude to life, school children carried out their own independent research and devised the ingredients using the information they had found, before presenting it back to Nello and Malcolm Clarke, who co-wrote his biography.

Headteacher of Seabridge Primary School, Sandra Mitchell, said: “Our children were extremely passionate about this project and felt that all of these ingredients were important for teachers to have to enrich their learning experience.”

Diane Swift, Director of the SCITT, has mapped the children’s ingredients to the DfE’s Teachers’ Standards, highlighting how relevant the pupils’ recipe is.

“We continue to see increased interest in teaching and a growing demand from schools and it is hoped that this campaign will inspire more people to get into teaching and to stay locally and contribute to the schools in the local area.”

Interview with Nick Gibb on Seabridge Radio:

The Recipe – 10 Ingredients for a Marvellous Teacher

  • Connection with the children
  • Sink full of joy that boosts their confidence
  • Communicates messages with energy and in a fun way
  • Bottle full of knowledge so that they can be an inspiration and open up minds
  • Saucepan of creativity
  • Overflowing tray of understanding
  • Ice-cream cone full of generosity to help pupils succeed
  • Sprinkle of strictness so that lessons can take place
  • Beaker-full of glittery personality
  • Handful of happiness and smiles

Ingredients Aligned to Teachers’ Standards


Children’s Ingredients

Teachers’ Standards
Has a connection with the children and a sink full of joy that will boost their confidence so that they can….…set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils (TS1)
Communicates messages with energy and in a fun way, so that they can……promote good progress and outcomes by pupils (TS2)
Has a bottle full of knowledge so that they can be an inspiration and open up our minds, because they can……demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge (TS3)
Uses a saucepan of creativity, so that they can……plan and teach well-structured lessons (TS4)
Has a tray overflowing with understanding so that the children will respond to the learning. This means that they can……adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils (TS5)
Has an ice cream cone full of generosity that will help pupils to succeed, this can include the ability to……make accurate and productive use of assessment (TS6)
Has a sprinkle of strictness so that the lessons can take place, so that they can……manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment (TS7)
Has a beaker full of glittery personality and a handful of happiness and smiles, so that they can..…fulfil wider professional responsibilities (TS8)