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Apply for SCITT

Applications to Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education should be submitted via the GOV.UK service at

During the application process you will be asked to nominate two referees. If you have completed your degree within the last 5 years, one of these must be an academic reference.


Child Care

Keele University offers fantastic child care facilities in its recently built nursery. For more details about this wonderful setting please visit their website:

Disability Support

Keele University’s Disability and Dyslexia Support service offer extensive help and support. Information can be found at:

Dyslexia Support

Keele University’s Disability and Dyslexia Support service offer extensive help and support. Information can be found at:

Full Time/ Part Time

We offer both a full and 2 year flexible course   Please see our course brochure for more details or visit our full time course page or 2 year flexible course page


In both cases the course runs from end August/September until the end of June. However, if you have a period of absence you might need to work on into July when the schools close so we ask that Associate Teachers (our name for trainees) take this into consideration when booking summer holidays.

Funding apply for

Visit the finance page of this website for information about funding for ITT. You may have to pay fees, and may be eligible for a maintenance grant towards your living costs and can apply to Student Finance England (SFE) or equivalent national bodies, for a loan for your tuition fees.

GCSE Equivalents

If you do not have one of GCSE English, Mathematics or Science we offer a list of what we do and do not accept as equivalent qualifications: it is found here.


Keele (ST5 5BG) is centrally located within the UK with excellent communication links for all types of travel. The University is situated two miles (3.2km) west of Newcastle-under-Lyme on the A525 road to Whitchurch, Nantwich and Crewe. For more information can be found at:


Live Away

There are no restrictions about where you live. However, there is an expectation that you would be able to travel easily to and between our partner schools. Our partnership schools are mostly in Stoke and North Staffordshire (please look at our partnership schools section in this website). We expect our Associate Teachers (our name for trainees) to travel up to a maximum of one hour and fifteen minutes (according to AA route finder) to reach a partnership school based on the starting point for the journey being their term time address. Schools start early in the day and finish late, so you will need to bear this in mind when you are planning to apply to us.

PGCE for teaching

No, you do not need a PGCE. The qualification required to teach in England and Wales is Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) but the Keele and North Staffordshire SCITT course leads to the award of QTS and a PGCE.

Placement Schools

No, Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education selects your schools for you. Your circumstances are taken into account in this process. Current placement schools can be found here.   The placement schools do vary from year to year.


SCITT is a type of teacher training course – SCITT programmes are school-based teacher training programmes. A PGCE is an academic qualification – A Postgraduate or Professional Graduate Certificate in Education.  Our programme combines the best of both school-based and academic practice. We are very pleased to offer an integrated PGCE within our SCITT course.

See also Dispelling myths about school-led teacher training from the DfE.

Click here for more information on training options from the DfE.

School experience

Getting some classroom experience can help you to decide whether teaching is right for you - it could also strengthen your application. However it is not a requirement. You may like to benefit from one of our 'Back to School Days', details about these can be found on our homepage.


Seabridge Primary School is found at Roe Lane, Seabridge, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 3PJ. Website at:


No, we are a primary provider who also works with the OAKS SCITT which is an OFSTED Outstanding Secondary SCITT that also works in conjuction with Keele University.

If you are interested in Secondary Teacher Training please visit the OAKS website for more information about their courses.

Still undergraduate

Yes you may apply but any offer made would be conditional on you obtaining your degree by the first day of the course.

Typical Working Day

On centre based days (70 days of the 190 days total) the sessions usually run from 9.00 to 5.00pm, sometimes days might be shorter and occasionally longer. You will be given a timetable and plenty of warning if sessions run outside of the usual timing.


Whilst on school placement (120 days) most schools will expect you to arrive by about 8.00am so you can prepare for the day ahead. You will be expected to attend meetings after the children have gone home and therefore it is unlikely that your school day will end before 5.00 and sometimes it will be later.