KNSTE is very proud and delighted to be a provider of The Chartered Teacher Programme

for The Chartered College of Teaching.

The Chartered Teacher Programme is a 15-month teacher certification programme, aligned to the Chartered College's aims to raise the status of the profession and support teachers to acquire the expertise necessary to maintain excellence in teaching and secure the best outcomes for children and young people.

Successful completion of the programme confers participants with Chartered Teacher Status, which recognises the knowledge, skills and behaviours of excellent teachers, highlights the importance of their expertise in supporting the learning of children and young people and represents the first step in the development of a career pathway focused on effective classroom practice, not leadership.

In order to complete the programme and achieve Chartered Teacher Status, participants will undertake a range of different assessments that allow them to showcase their knowledge and skills against the areas set out in the Chartered College’s Professional Principles. These highlight the importance of deep subject knowledge, understanding of pedagogy, assessment, and excellent classroom practice, as well as critical evaluation, engagement with research evidence and a desire to contribute to the profession.

Assessments include rigorous written and oral assignments, completion of a professional development plan, participation in debate activities, a research-based school improvement project, and submission of a portfolio of videos of practice, work samples and reflections; full details are included in a later section of this guide.

During the course of the programme, participants will attend three face-to-face training days, as well as participating in a range of online activities, with each element designed not just to test a teacher's knowledge and skills, but also to provide them with development opportunities and equip them with behaviours and approaches to evaluation and personal development that ensure they continue to develop their practice.

Opportunities include:

• Membership of the British Educational Reseach Association (BERA) for the duration of the programme

• Access to IRIS Connect for the duration of the programme

• Four face-to-face events, including a presentation and award event

• Workshops, training, reading lists and supporting materials to help develop practice in key areas

• A variety of online resources, including expert webinars and an online course on ‘education research that matters’

• An experienced mentor to support them during the programme

• Support to lead a research-based improvement project linked to an area of school priority

• An interview with an expert in the field of their research-based improvement project

• An online platform to facilitate collaboration with other participants

• Feedback on assessments as they are submitted

• The ability to use the postnominal ‘CTeach’ once Chartered Teacher Status is awarded.

Please ensure you have read all information fully before applying.

To find out more about the programme please go to The Chartered College Website at:

To apply to become a Chartered Teacher with KNSTE please complete the following application form: